HELP! Our holiday session is this weekend and we don’t have anything to wear!!

Now, this may be true for some of you so to that I say time for a shopping trip! :-)   Whether you have to rifle through your closets or head to favourite boutique here are a three things to think about that I think will make sure you look your absolute best:

*How do you want to look? classy holiday or a casual look?  Start with one piece that inspires you along those lines and begin building your outfits from there.

*Think layers.  A scarf for mom, outer vest for the kids,etc.  This works especially well for if you’ve booked an outdoor session. We can take pieces off or use them a different way to achieve several different looks.

*Keep it simple. Pick two or three coordinating colours. Chose colours that coordinate versus everyone wearing the same colour. Have each family member where one or two of these coordinating colours. Adding textures along with these colours will make your images pop.

It’ll take sometime to make the wardrobe choices for everyone but now you’ve got something to go by.  Check out the images below. Study the colour palates. Choose what you like and what compliments you so that you can achieve the perfect look for you and your family.





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