November Update

Well, I guess summer has gone and winter is coming even though lately we’ve been getting some summer like temps this week. But dont be fooled, it gets dark by 5:30! This makes it hard to get any kind of photos done outdoors when I get home from work so I’m on the hunt for a starter light set up. I think I’ve found one. This will make it easier to do photos indoors without any ugly orange/yellow colour casts that may come from flourescent house lights.  I have been practicing with my flash and reflectors tho and i’m getting the hang of it. This photo of my 2 adorable men was taken with my flash bounced off a  reflector (camera left).

dana_noah edit 2

18 months

On an excellently happy note, I finally got my Tamron 28-75mm 2.8!!! 🙂 WHOO-HOO!! The above photo was taken with said lens. I love it. 

I’m still practicing and ALWAYS looking for models. Pictures make a great gift especially with the Christmas season coming up!! 🙂


p.s. 45 more shopping days til Christmas!

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