Let the REAL fun begin

Well it’s done.  I did it. I took the plunge. I upgraded my camera. I ended up with the Canon EOS  50D . I did ask others whether they felt  Canon 40D was better since most reviews say there isn’t THAT big a difference between the two. But then others said there wasn’t a huge difference between the 50D and the Canon 5D Mark II . I’ll be honest…I think for me and just starting out, the 50D will do me just fine.  I am excited to use it. It’s still in the box, in the bubble wrap and dust bag 🙂 We searched prices of most ot the reputable stores in the city and this store gave us the best price for the camera kit and accessory kit. This guy gave us discounts on everything (helps to know people who know people). It did come with a 17-85mm IS lens which I am also stoked about! The only thing i didn’t get (which i can find for cheaper than what he was offering) is another/bigger CF card.  Only have a 2G right now in my Rebel.  

Ah…my Rebel Xti…the camera that made me fall deeper in love with photography. You came into my life so I’d be prepared to capture every moment of my Noah’s life. You have served me extremly well this past year and a half. I will miss you. I hope we find you a good owner and then you spark love and creativity in your new owner’s heart as you did mine. xoxo

This is the first thing in my life in a looong time that I am serious about persuing. My husband is happy that I am happy and doing something/going after something that I love. I want this to succeed…it feels right in my spirit that I am going after this.

Now…let the REAL fun begin! 🙂

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