Bounce Flash & Sillohettes

a whole week without a post…whoa… but i’m still practicing. I’m loving my 50D.  🙂 Getting used to holding it as it’s much heavier that the Rebel. I have a couple infant shoots coming up one this week which i’m looking forward too. This little guy is so cute…you’ll see 🙂  Working on getting a portrait shoot together as well. I had one a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine, a very willing and cooperative model so I  have her pics to post.

I’m also still practicing with my speedlight, how to bounce, where to bounce, etc. Here are the best two so far…Dontcha just love this model! 🙂  :


The other thing I’m working on is sillohettes and sunflares. I like how these two turned out, but the sun was too low. 

I guess the adage is true…practice makes perfect. So a practicin’ i will go! 🙂

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