Time to Vote!

I’ve been working with template that I found throught MCP Actions and need some opinions. Here is the back:


I really like the red colour and the pattern, etc. I’m having a hard time with the front. I like the B&W photo, but the text box is throwing me off. Black text box or red to match the back of the card. I have a few shoots coming up so I’ll have more photos to choose from if the current photo isn’t jivin’ anyone. So here is the front:

Front-option #1

Front-option #2

As I type this now I’ve got a new thought for the back so maybe I’ll add that and repost. Love it? Change it? Scrap it? Let me know!  :-)

ETA: Here is the revised Back.

Back-option 2

5 Responses to “Time to Vote!”

  1. Amanda B says:

    For the front, I like the one with the red, it really draws your eye to your business name – which is good for advertising I think! I like the second back option, but I’m wondering about the rectangle in it above your email address…is it decorative? Good job Dee, you’ve been busy at your business and you’re doing great!

  2. Krista says:

    u take really nice pictures

  3. Janete says:

    i definately like the red box on the front!! :) :)

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