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We had some crazy snow fall yesturday (crazy for us, like 25cm). Road conditions were poor, blowing snow everywhere, it felt like it wouldn’t stop. I used my time inside wisely and decided to do some practice. It’s hard to practice with a 4-yr old who always wants to help and a 18-month old who just wants to be the center of attention…all the time. :) So I tried my hand at some self portraits.

I’ve seen a few blog posts this week from others talking about getting in front of the camera for a change or taking pictures of things we take for granted that might soon be gone. If you know me well, you know I HAAAATE being on the other side of the lens. I am more than content hiding being behind the camera and creating a photo than being the subject. But I love taking pics of my kids when they let me(who doesn’t!) They make me laugh, they make each other laugh and I have story upon story and iphone video after iphone video of their craziness.

So I took those blogs posts I read to heart and took some shots with them. And after looking at them I’m glad I did. Maybe it’ll be something I try to maintain for their sake. I could stare at their faces all day. I hope they like these someday and I hope it reminds them to do the same for their kids in the future.

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  1. Alisha says:

    You are FIERCE, girl!! So proud of you for doing this…they are BEAUTIFUL photos and the kids will love them when they are older too ! XO <3

  2. Dana says:

    Looking as beautiful as ever Cutie! I’m so proud of all the accomplishments you’ve made in your photography! Truly remarkable for someone that’s self taught. You’re pictures are stunning! Keep it up!


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