Camera Upgrade

I’m seriously considering upgrading my camera. I currently have the xTi and was looking at either getting the body of the 40D or 50D (body only since the lenses will fit them). I help a friend of mine shoot a wedding on Saturday and it was so exciting. My only MAJOR booboo was when we were shooting at the site outdoors, I forgot to change the iso back to 100 and was shooting on 1600…D’OH!  She said most of them were pretty good tho and usable. She also told me that if I wanted to work with her I’d have to consider getting some “pro” gear since “everyone” has a Rebel and feels they are “pros” and I want to actually get into photography seriously, hence the upgrade. I used her 20D for the wedding.  My hubby spent most of yesterday researching for me the differences, pros/cons of the 40D, 50D and 5D  and i know i’ll have to put out a pretty penny regardless of my decision…just wish it was an easy choice on which to get…stay tuned…

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