Maternity ~ Caroline | Toronto Maternity Photographer

I had a great time with Caroline! She was up for trying different poses and all sorts of things. Here’s a peak from her session!

Newborn ~ Tye | Toronto Newborn Photographer

Congrats to close friends of ours on the arrival on their little guy back in March. Dad plays and coaches baseball and I’m sure he can’t wait to get a bat in his little sluggers hands! T, motherhood looks amazing on you! :)

Maternity ~ Anna | Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I was so excited with Anna and Sarah contacted me for a maternity session! TWO babies are coming! Now I’m right along with them waiting for them to arrive and I can’t wait for their newborn session. I heart twins! :)

Cakesmash ~ David | Toronto Child & Family Photographer

Here’s another cutie that I met at Christmas time now celebrating being 1. He was all smiles. Happy Birthday David, hope you have an awesome birthday!!

Cakesmash ~ Talia | Toronto Child & Family Photographer

I first met this little beauty at Christmas time and was happy to see her again for her first birthday session. Thankfully she warmed up to me and we had a great time. Her cake is care of Sweetie Cake Bake Shop. It tasted devine! :)

Me & Mine | Toronto Portrait Photographer

We had some crazy snow fall yesturday (crazy for us, like 25cm). Road conditions were poor, blowing snow everywhere, it felt like it wouldn’t stop. I used my time inside wisely and decided to do some practice. It’s hard to practice with a 4-yr old who always wants to help and a 18-month old who just wants to be the center of attention…all the time. :) So I tried my hand at some self portraits.

I’ve seen a few blog posts this week from others talking about getting in front of the camera for a change or taking pictures of things we take for granted that might soon be gone. If you know me well, you know I HAAAATE being on the other side of the lens. I am more than content hiding being behind the camera and creating a photo than being the subject. But I love taking pics of my kids when they let me(who doesn’t!) They make me laugh, they make each other laugh and I have story upon story and iphone video after iphone video of their craziness.

So I took those blogs posts I read to heart and took some shots with them. And after looking at them I’m glad I did. Maybe it’ll be something I try to maintain for their sake. I could stare at their faces all day. I hope they like these someday and I hope it reminds them to do the same for their kids in the future.

Lily | Toronto Maternity Photography

There’s just something about a maternity session that I just love…

I wish I could show you more :-)

I’m always looking for new mamas to photograph. If you or someone you know is currently pregnant, you have until March 31, 2013 to take advantage of my maternity special!

Looking into 2013 | Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photographer

So another year is upon us. Some people make resolutions, vowing to change some part of their life—dieting, quitting smoking etc. I resolved a few years ago to stop making resolutions simply because I don’t keep them! :-) I have actually kept that one! But last year I set a couple goals for myself and my business. Nothing crazy and out of reach but ones that I knew I could attain. There were changes that I longed to see happen. I desired thing to be DIFFERENT. I truly believe this is the key. You need to really DESIRE for things to be different. Be tired enough of your situation, obstacles or whatever may be stopping you, take hold and desire change. In setting out my plan for 2013, I have taken a new direction that I believe will set me on a path of continued success.

No matter what your resolutions or goals are for this year, I want your journey to be a successful one so that at the end of 2013 you look back and say, “man, that was a mighty fine year”.

2012 Clients, thank you for letting me capture moments of your life for you that you will treasure. I can’t wait to work with you again!

Remember that your kind words and accolades are my best advertising. So when your BFF comes over and drools over that image from our session, go ahead…brag about your photographer :-)

Good things are coming for 2013. I look forward to sharing them with you!

Holiday Minis | Toronto Family & Child Photography

I had wonderful time this year connecting with some old friends and making new friends during the holiday mini sessions.

…And of course I had to a mini with my own little ones. They are hilardious! :)

Newborn ~ Trent

I’m so glad I had one more newborn to do my holiday set up with. Trent was awesome to work with. Enjoy your first Christmas little man!!

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