Newborn ~ Brady | Newborn Photography, Toronto, ON

I had the privilege of photographing Brady’s older sister as a newborn and I was thrilled when mom emailed me with news of Brady’s arrival. Even though he made us work  for every shot that adorable face made it all ok :)






Cakesmash ~ Brynlee |Child Photography, Toronto, ON

I always love watching what happens when I place the cake in front of baby at every cakesmash session I do. Some babies are apprehensive and others like adorable Brynlee dive right in! She couldn’t wait to have a bite!  Happy Birthday Brynlee!  :)




Maternity ~ Brandie | Toronto Maternity and Newborn Photography

Helloooooo gorgeous! Brandie was lots of fun to shoot and we got some beautiful images from our session. I’m looking forward to meeting the newest member when they arrive!






2014 is here!! | GTA Maternity and Newborn Photography


The turkey has been eaten, the gifts have long been opened and played with and 2013 has bid us adieu. We dealt with one of the worst ice storms in Toronto history that left people without power for a few days…some for the whole week! But Mother Nature is beautiful. She left our city encased in ice and when the sun shone bright the next day the trees that didn’t bend and bow looked stunning.


Thank you to all my clients of 2013 for allowing me to join you as you started new chapters in your  lives as new parents or to simply create new memories. It is always a privilege for me to be a part of that and  I look forward to meeting new clients this year and working with old friends :)


I hope that 2014 is YOUR YEAR :)

Newborn ~ Avelynn, 8 days | GTA & Toronto Newborn Photography

Meet sweet Avelynn another member of my Wee Little Steps program. Mom says she’s getting adorably chubby! I can’t wait to see her next month!


Newborn ~ Ellery | GTA Maternity & Newborn Photography

Introducing sweet baby Ellery, 5 days new. This little lady was a dream! She is also an inaugural member of my Wee Little Steps program  and I can’t wait to watch her grow and share that with all of you! For now, let’s enjoy her newness because they grow way too fast :)


Maternity ~ Andrea |Maternity & Newborn Photography

I had  great time trying out some new ideas with Andrea. She was an awesome sport! We’ll be seeing a lot of her little one when they arrive as part of my Wee Little Steps Program. Details regarding this program will be out in a couple of weeks!



Maternity ~ Shakera | Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photography

Shakera was a natural in front of the camera and looked beautiful. Can you believe she’s carrying twins!













Cakesmash ~ Levi | Toronto Child Photography

Remember this little guy:

I love seeing my have grown into energetic bundles of pure fun! I had a great time seeing Levi again and photographing his cakesmash. I have to say he seemed very careful while smashing only using one hand. He got into it though! Happy Birthday Levi!!

Muhki Family | Toronto Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family and their newest addition. Our session was calm and easy going and their little girl was a joy. She will make an awesome big sister. Congratulations you guys!! :)

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