Newborn ~ Marcus | Mississauga & Toronto Newborn Photography

Whenever I’m contacted for a newborn session, I always ask the parents “will you be involved in some photos as well?” Believe it or not, most moms say no, just the sibling or dad or newborn only. That makes me sad. When they arrive the day of the session, I ask again. Sometimes I still get no. Sometimes hesitation. This was how it went with Marcus’ mom. At the end of the session, I said, let me try just one shot with you, and we got this:

I loved it. Mom loved it.

To the new moms out there, BE ENCOURAGED. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Be in images with your newborn. They will only be this tiny once. Remember how they fit in your arms at this size, how they smelled, how you felt when you held them…

And then I will snap the picture :)

Newborn ~ Anthony | Milton & Mississauga Newborn Photography

Anthony made his debut in the world earlier this summer and I made my way to his Milton home for his in-home session. Many thanks to Sabrina and Michael for welcoming me in – despite their newborn tiredness! :-) We’ll be seeing more of Anthony and I can’t wait to watch him grow.

Maternity ~ Sabrina | Toronto & Mississauga Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Another gorgeous mama-to-be! I had a great time with Sabrina and her hubby during our Toronto maternity session. The wind was relentless when we stepped outdoors but I’m glad we were able to get a few. This little bundle is due to arrive in June (another summer baby!) and will be a member of my Grow with me program with sessions at 4 months, 9 months and 1 year old. I count it a total honour to be able to go through these milestones with each client I have. Can’t wait to meet this little one!!

Maternity ~ Larissa | Toronto Maternity Photographer

Summer will bring lots of new babies to my blog..including Larissa’s little prince! We had a studio session in April Toronto and it was nice enough that we ventured outdoors towards the end. Absolutely glowing!!

Kelly & Raina ~ Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I’m excited to spend this year photographing Raina. She is the latest member of my Grow with Me program. Kelly and Dustin were awesome to work with at her maternity session in Toronto – girl knew how to rock the camera! :)

And then sweet Raina arrived…

Her 4 month session is coming up very soon, stay tuned for those! :)

Newborn ~ Vincent | Toronto Custom Newborn Photography

Introducing Vincent, 8 days new. This was a great time for a newborn session as he was a super little guy sleeping through most of his session at his Toronto home. He was bendy and curly and had rolls to die for! It was hard (as it is with all my newborn sessions) not sharing absolutely every image with you guys! :)

Twins ~ Remy & Roma | GTA Newborn Twin Photography

I love shooting twins! Remy and Roma were so sweet and content all the way to the end of our session.

Cakesmash ~ Ellery | Toronto Baby Photographer

It is always a joy to photograph my little clients as newborns and as 1-year olds but I had the privelge of watching little Ellery go from newborn:
to adorable busy 1-year old! My Grow with me program is an excellent way to capture your baby at milestone ages. When I look back at Ellery’s images from a year ago I can’t even believe she was that tiny. Check out her 3-month session here  and a reminder of her newborn session hereDrop me an email to book your Grow with Me Session! She kept her cuteness and found some sass!

Newborn ~ Annelise | Toronto& GTA Newborn Photography

I fell in love with this little lady as soon as she walked in the door!!

Tuesday Tips ~ What should I expect for my newborn session? | Toronto Maternity & Newborn Photography

Parents – especially new parents – are always keen to research things when it comes to their baby. Should I wake the baby to feed? Is my baby peeing enough? When do should we start solids? It really is a bit overwhelming. If you have chosen to have a newborn photo session for your newborn you might not think a lot of preparation goes into the session but you’d be surprised how much work it is to get those peaceful, calm, sleepy images you hang on your walls.

Here are some things of what to expect during your newborn session with me:

*Newborn session must be scheduled within 5-10 days of life and can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the baby. Babies are easier to pose and are in that “sleepy state” at this young age. These sessions also take patience to achieve each pose and I do not rush either the baby or myself in order to do this. Please try not to schedule anything important or have too many visitors on the day of our session if in your home. The less people around, the less distractions there are.

*If possible, please clear a space in your home that has the best and most natural light coming in. If the light is hitting the floor, this is even better and this is where I will shoot.

*Most images will be done with a nude baby. Don’t worry if they soil any of the blankets. Babies, eat, sleep and poop. This is what they do. We will just change things up, reposition and move on. All blankets are cleaned prior to each session.

*I have an assortment of little hats and diaper covers I like to use. If there is something you have that you would like me to use on your baby in the photo, please let me know.

*I will be bringing a lot of “stuff” with me—beanbag, baskets, blankets, backdrop, etc. Please use the time I’m setting up to feed your baby so that they’ll be in the desired “milk coma” for our session. Also expect to feed again once we’ve started. When we start handling a newborn it is inevitable that they will want to eat again, don’t be surprised if it’s only an hour that has passed since you last fed them.

*{studio session} I keep my home warmer than usual for newborn sessions. I also use a space heater. All this heat keeps the baby warm as well as sleepy and comfortable. If we’re not sweating, then it’s not warm enough :)

*Loosen the diaper or any tight clothing about an hour prior to our session. This will lessen the chance of having any creases or red marks on the baby’s skin.

*For yourself or any significant other that will be photographed with the baby, it is best to wear a black or white coloured shirt. Camisole/tank top or a 3/4 top for mom; logo-free black t-shirt/ ”wifebeater” for dad. Please have your nails clean and free of any polish. It will stand out in the final image.

*Finally, remember that every baby is different. Go with the flow. If the baby is simply not “in the mood” for photographs, we can reschedule for the next day.

Following all, some or none of these points may or not give us the perfect session but it will certainly help make it smoother. I hope this helps! :)

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