Newborn – Baby Girl S

I didn’t realize that time had gotten away from me tonight, but  I wanted to finish this session and give mom and dad a preview of  their sweet baby girl. She was awake for the first part of our session, but fell asleep shortly after. I love their sleeping faces. :-)

a little smirk…

It’s not often that I get a pic of dad as well…

Newborn – itty bitty pieces

Each session I may be lucky enought to capture certain expressions…a smile or perhaps a yawn. But I make a point, every single time to catch the itty bitty parts. :) They are just as important as the entire picture.

Welcome to the world Baby M!!  :)

More Twins!!

What more can I say about the newborns I’ve had the privilege of photographing? They’re cute, they’re unique…they are all a gift. Cherish them.

Thank you for the opportunity Rahima, your babies are beautiful! :)

Newborn – Baby Girl L

Back to from vacation and back to work. Introducing Baby girl L. No fuss, no muss :) She was peaceful awake as much as she was sleeping. I also did mom’s maternity photos. Congrats Paula and Calvin on a beautiful baby girl!!

The wonders of technology

I have been looking forward to this week off ALL month. I’m also glad that I have an iPhone now with which I can still check emails and such…so I’m still reachable!! :-)

When I get back I’ll have some pics to post from my two latest newborn sessions (I can’t wait those babies were absolutely perfect ) and sessions already booked.
The birthday sale is still on and a few dates remain in October!!!

Have a great summer! :-)

Saturday Part II – Welcome to Canada!

This beautiful family has only been in Canada for 7 months now. They were so awesome!

I photographed their 2-month old twin girls…

Saturday Part I – J and baby bro Z

I’m gainning valuable of experiences on this photography journey. I’ve learning many things, lessons, tips , etc that I can tuck away forever. I was reminded this past saturday that kids can be tough! I had two year-olds this past weekend in two separate sessions. Neither of them wanted anything to do with a having their picture taken. They both made me work. Their younger siblings on the other hand, where a breeze :-) Here is J and her baby brother Z

Maternity – Kesha

Kesha and I met up for an indoor/outdoor shoot. We bonded INSTANTLY and we had alot of fun.  :-)   Beautiful momma of 2, soon 3. I will be photographing her little guy when he arrives so stay tuned for that!

Sweater, n.:  garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.  ~Ambrose Bierce


You might remember Jen’s maternity images, if not check them out HERE.  I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph her  twins. Baby boy X and Baby girl R made me work hard towards the end of our session but were angels throughout. Congrats Jen, X and R are absolutely perfect!!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. – Eda J Leshan.


Neeya turns 1!

I had the pleasure to shoot the first birthday party of Neeya who I did a shoot with in April. She looked adorable in her pink dress and mom did a great job on the ENTIRE party! They only turn 1 once right Mom? :)   From a puppet show to the AMAZING homemade by Mom cupcakes, this was a great event…all the kids (and adults) had a great time!

Cake care of Mom…


soooooo good!

The Candy Table


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