Maternity – Allana

I had alot of  fun shooting this mom to be and dad as well. So easy going and of course, glowing with that pregnancy glow :-)   I can’t wait to photograph your little one when they arrive!!

Newborn – Baby Boy K

Introducing Baby Boy K weighing in at 10lb 1oz at birth…I’ll give you a chance to get  over that one :)   Here he is, around 16 days old.

A bit of crankiness set in during the session and he was done and we also starting losing our light, but we will try again on the weekend because when he slept, it was sweet :)

aaah…sleeping so sound…

He flinched when I moved and ended up like this…how could I not snap it?! :)

Thanks Natasha…I look forward to Baby K…part 2! :)

Stay tuned for more of this little guy!

Newborn – Sweet twins

Brother J and Sister S…the sweetest babies ever…until J woke up and told us he was through with having is picture taken :)

Here are a couple…

Baby girl S

The Lion and the Lamb

Newborn – Baby Girl K

Introducing Baby Girl K, around 7 days old when photographed :)   Congratulations Dorothy!!

September is here!

Things have been going well!!!

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph quite a few newborns towards the end of the summer with a few coming in the Fall. So much so that I need more mommies-to-be again! :-) I’ve got something brewing in my brain for that so stay tuned! 

I also have to close my BIRTHDAY MADNESS SALE. Turns out, I’m booked and cannot take anymore sessions for the rest of September or October.  There is still time to book your HOLIDAY MINI SESSION which ends November 28th!

Here are the remaining dates that are available: 

Nov 6 –11:30 a.m, 4:30 p.m.
Nov 20 –Two a.m. slots available
Nov 28 –all slots open

If you have scheduled something with me and by some reason I show your date here as open, never fear…I am in the process of sending out confirmation emails.  Remember that a 50% deposit is required to secure your date for ANY SESSION BOOKED. :-)

More sneak peaks to come this week…some sweet newborn twins…*sigh* :)

Have a great week!!

Newborn – Baby Girl A

Sweet…Sweet…Sweet. Baby Girl A put up a bit of a fight, but once she was asleep and settled…she was a dream. :-) Congratulations Natalie & Brian!!

Baby Girl M

How can you look at this face and not want to squeeze those cheeks!! :) It was very hard to resist :)

Baby feet are the bestest!

Let her have cake!

Well, we did, but she didn’t really like it :-) Alexis had to be the cleanest cakesmash I think I’ve done! She still takes a great picture though!

Newborn – Baby Girl Z

I love when the babies sleep through the ENTIRE session! :-) Meet Baby girl Z, 6 days old when photographed. I’m enjoying being around all these newbies!

Alexis turns 1!

This post is long overdue. Alexis turned one at the beginning of this month. This girl is blessed and surrounded by family and friends who love and care about her deeply. She’s seeing me for a cake smash this friday so stay tuned for those pics!!

Birthday Girl!

Cake by Manetta Samuels

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