One month later…

Remember this little guy?

Well I went back a few weeks ago to finish our session from when we first met and he’s now about a month old. Baby Boy K looked so different to me, but mom says she hasn’t seen that much change. He was bright eyed and quiet and such a good baby :-)   All he did was fall asleep during our session. Here’s a few of the family shots from our session:

Look at that smile!! :)


I’d like to get more couples in my portfolio. If you know of a couple that would be interested in this awesome deal pass on the information and have them contact me!! :-)


I took my friend Alisha out to take advantage of all the beautiful fall colours before the wind blows off what’s left of the leaves on the trees. We picked a good day…sun was out and the colours were gorgeous…and so is she!!

First shot of the session!

Bordignon Family

I had the pleasure of photographing this family on the weekend. ADORABLE twin girls who loved the outside. We started with some indoor family shots which they didn’t seem to want anything to do with–even with the bribing of treats for a smily picture :)  but when we got outside they were a dream!  Enjoy your sneak peak Marci, you have a beautiful family!!

New things for 2011!!

As the new year is fast approaching (it’s almost November, then in a flash it’ll be Christmas!), I’m thinking about YOU…my potential client :-) You’re a great person, have a beautiful family, a sweet newborn, and you’ve asked little ole me to photograph your special moments.  First off, thank you for considering me. Now, I want to give you the best product you can possibly get.  So…

What would YOU like to see in your custom photography package? 

I will be revamping my packages for 2011 and would love to know what YOU want!  I would love to know your ideas because essentially the photo session is all about…YOU! :)

I will be offering gallery wrap canvas prints in 2011 as well.  Here is a great post by Amy Roberston Photography on how much of a differece a   B I G canvas print makes versus a smaller one.   In this case, being big is a good thing! :)

Bigger Really IS Better


Leave your feedback regarding package ideas here on the blog or email me at

Happy Thursday!

Medeiros Family

Had a great time this past sunday with the Medeiros family.  Lots of laughs and I loved shooting at this location. We had a great time with the sun and the colours of fall! 

How cute is she!!! :-)

My fav….

Maternity – Andrea

Andrea is glowing and absolutely beautiful! She said she was “smizing” (America’s Next Top Model reference a la Tyra Banks) and I fully understood what she meant. Her husband on the other hand didn’t quite get it :-)   I had a blast at this session with these two. I’m looking forward to meeting your little girl when she arrives! Enjoy your sneak peak!

Newborn – Baby Boy N

Baby N is 11 days old here. So sweet…slept so well…

Did I mention I LOVE shooting newborns? :)

Congratulations Libby & Kevin!!

Fan Page!

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you know you want to :-)   


Cakesmash – Micah

I HEART this little guy so much!!! One of my own little guy’s playmates–practically family–I couldn’t wait to see how Micah would take to cake. It was a small and he didn’t get too dirty but he seemed to enjoy it. His eyes are so capitvating and his smile melts your heart. Love you Micah!!!

Always gotta get the pre-cake shots:

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