Maternity ~ Me!

Back in May I had the pleasure of meeting up with another local photographer and getting some maternity photos/family photos done. We had a blast! Mind you I think my little guy had the most fun.It’s funny that when he was 2 he ran away from the camera and now, at 3, if his picture isn’t getting taken as well it then becomes a crisis! :-) Here are some of the images taken by Elaine of ElaineEve Photography. Check her out HERE! She’s a whole mess of fun to work with and the results are awesome.

Thanks Elaine!

D.P. Photography is having a baby!!

I’m sure if most of you follow me on Facebook, then you already know that I’ll be expecting our second baby in July. Actually THIS CANADA DAY WEEKEND is my due date! This pregnancy has flown by and I can’t wait to introduce him/her to the world. I had my last session prior to baby’s arrival this past weekend, a sweet 2-week old I can’t wait to share with you and I will be taking off the month of July to adjust to rest up and then back at it in August. I’ll have some cakesmashes for some familiar cuties that will be turning the big ONE and obviously my own newborn will have the pleasure of being blogged…probably quite often! :)

So stay tuned for what’s coming and I’ll be back in August!  Thanks again to all my clients and Facebook fans for your support.  Love you guys!! :-)


me @ 36ish weeks

Maternity Session

If I haven’t already said so, I love maternity sessions. This one was no exception. Mom wanted to keep it simple, no bare tummy shots, but I convinced her to try one and she has a beautiful belly! I can’t wait to meet her little one when they arrive for their session. Good luck in delivery and enjoy your sneak peak! :)




Told you she had a gorgeous belly! :)

Michael & Baby Bro D

I had to do a post of my last U of T mini sessions. I think Laura and I had to reschedule this session 3 times because of all the rain we had in April, but finally last weekend we had a beautiful Saturday for a session. Her guys were adorable and super easy to work with. Big brother Michael did a great job at getting smiles from Baby D, because really, D was over me when we started LOL :-)

It was great meeting you and your little men Laura! :)

Cakesmash – Rayan

Here’s a few from Rayan’s cakesmash session a few weeks ago. Let me just say that was the most intense blue icing me or his mom have ever encountered! It stained verything it touched. Poor Rayan left with a blue face even after cleaning up! :-) Either way the session was a good one.

Love the pre-smash shots

Enter cake…

my favourite…look how BLUE!

U of T Minis

The last day of April gave us some sun.  I had 3 mini sessions at the downtown campus of U of T. It was quite the age range but everyone did a wonderful job! I was pooped at the end but it was a blast!

First was Jillian who was about 8 months old. Can’t wait to get her for her cakesmash!

Then I met up with Emily(6m old) and Avery (3yrs old) …Too cute!!

Last session for the day was Evan. I love shooting kids, but it’s a nice difference to say “sit this way” and , well…they sit that way :-) Evan was a bit nervous but he did a wonderful job!

Thanks everyone!!!!

Cakesmash ~ Nailah

I love doing cakesmash sessions! Sure they’re messy but the sight of watching a one year old enjoy they’re cake is adorable! Our first attempt at Nailahcakesmash didn’t go too well, but as you can see the second attempt was picture perfect!!

the signature of a successful cakesmash! :)

Jess @ U of T

This shoot was a long time coming! :) First we planned on doing a winter session but it just never seemed to work out. So once the sun started coming out and spring was on it’s way me and Jess booked a time and prayed for an amazing day. We got the day and some amazing shots on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto. Some great locations I plan on using with some of my Spring Minis that are coming up. I love the old architecture of U of T and on an early Saturday morning, it’s nice and empty.

Thanks Jessica! It’s always a blast shooting you. The camera LOVES you!

One of my faves!!!

Zeritis Family

I love shooting families :-) And I especially love when they have a new addition. The Zeritis family is no exception. Baby boy R was adorable and when he fell sleep after a quick snack during our session, he was even cuter…even gave me a sleepy smile. :)  THE BEST!

Thanks Eugenia for letting me photograph you guys! :)


Baby Girl A

I love a repeat customer! Here’s Baby Girl A at 6m old. She’s sitting up, rolling over and getting ready to be mobile. I love watching them grow. I wanted to show her progression so the first set has a couple of her newborn images and her christmas one at about 3m old with the main one being from this most recent session.  I can’t wait to photograph her cakesmash/1yr session!

And my fav from this session:

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