Myles & Justin

Here’s Myles and his little brother Justin. These two were alot of fun…just look at the smiles! :-)

I love this one of all three : Mom and her boys…

First Newsletter!

There are so many ways to reach your clientele these days and it seems there’s no one way that is a sure-fire way to reach everyone. With that knowledge, I’ve decided to work on getting a newsletter out. It’ll share all the new happenings, sales and special offers at D.P. Photography. And if you’ve had a session with me and would like your image featured as the cover image in the next newsletter, just click above the current image to email me and let me know!

I’m still working on whether it’ll be a monthly or seasonal newsletter, but the first issue has gone out TODAY!!  To check it out and subscribe click the link below.

You can stay connected and up to date with me via email, Facebook, Twitter,  the blog and now the newsletter!

Don’t forget to check out the website. Forward the link to your friends, your referrals are awesome and appreciated!


Newborn ~ Lara…part II

I wanted to add a couple more of this sweet beauty :-)

Newborn ~ Lara

I met little Lara at 6 days and 13 days old. She was a tough one to settle but she did amazing during both our sessions. Congratulations Aline! :-)

Lekx Family

I had a great time with Char and her family this past saturday.  Char is the awesomness behind The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom blog. We had awesome sunshine and a cool breeze, and having only just met her, I felt like I’d know her for years! :-) Here’s a peak at some of their photos.


Aren’t they adorable?!!


I had a wonderful session with Addison. I mean seriously, look at his gorgeous eyes and his wonderful smile!! Mom’s got a real looker on her hands!

Newborn ~ Kaitlyn

I have no words for this sweet angel…ain’t she just the sweetest?! :)


Newborn ~ Ayden

Mark another point in the Team Blue column! :) Introducing Ayden at just 4 days old. Mom and I rescheduled our session since he was a bit fussy at this one, and I can’t wait to see him again.

I love baby yawns!!

Newborn ~ Rhys

Oh it’s time to catch up on some past sessions and blog posts. Here’s adorable Rhys! He was a pretty good model for me, and the first boy I’ve photographed since January. I swear this year is a girl’s year. Maybe I should keep a tally and see who comes out on top this year–Team Pink or Team Blue? :-)

I love his eyes!

Newborn ~ Layla

It’s been such a crazy week for some reason…I feel like I’ve fallen behind on stuff, but no worries, I’m plugging away and getting galleries posted. Here’s my newest sweetie who gave me a full solid 2 hours of sleep…and then proceeded to pee on me!  There’s a first for everything right? :)

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